K-Drama Review: Meloholic

Korean Title: 멜로홀릭  |  English Translated Title: Meloholic

First Release Air Date: November 6th, 2017     Network: Orion Cinema Network (OCN)

Total Number of Episodes:  10     Time Length of Each Episode:  1 Hour (about)

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(Gay) Phone Dating Apps and why am I doing this to myself?!?

Personal STORY TIME!

Dating… for people like me – it’s almost like a close walk by Hell.  Though some would say I’m walking to Hell.  But I won’t judge those people.  Have I ever really tried dating?  For most people’s standards – probably not.  Sure I’ve looked.  But I didn’t really apply myself.  For several reason…

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Posting an online story! READ ME!

So I’ve neglected writing for a really long time… and neglected this site for a really long time.  I created this site a year or two ago and haven’t accomplished much since.  I still haven’t… it’s like I fell into this hole and couldn’t crawl out.  Was it depression?  Anxiety?  Maybe a little of both – but I didn’t get officially diagnosed.  I felt like not doing anything.  So for a long while I stopped caring about myself – I lost interest in the things that I loved doing (reading & writing) and stuck to things that really got me no where (gaming).  That is to say… gaming isn’t bad at all and it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it… however, it felt more like something I had to do so that I didn’t have to think about the things I care about and how they were slipping away from me.

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