Posting an online story! READ ME!

So I’ve neglected writing for a really long time… and neglected this site for a really long time.  I created this site a year or two ago and haven’t accomplished much since.  I still haven’t… it’s like I fell into this hole and couldn’t crawl out.  Was it depression?  Anxiety?  Maybe a little of both – but I didn’t get officially diagnosed.  I felt like not doing anything.  So for a long while I stopped caring about myself – I lost interest in the things that I loved doing (reading & writing) and stuck to things that really got me no where (gaming).  That is to say… gaming isn’t bad at all and it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it… however, it felt more like something I had to do so that I didn’t have to think about the things I care about and how they were slipping away from me.

But I think I’m finally pulling myself together.

I’ve started writing again.  It’s crap.  Like the kind that won’t get any prestigious awards, but it’s my writing nonetheless.  And I like writing it.  I think before, I was too hung up on writing perfectly.  Writing well to gain recognition and it probably played a role to suck the enthusiasm out of me.  So I’m going to try writing well for the heck of it – for the fun of it.  So some people may refer it to as crap.  But even if I wrote something well with the intent and purpose of being recognized – someone will always think it’s still crap.  So why not do what I enjoy and reap the same rewards from people!

So I am posting a story!  Yay!

So whoever comes across this post.  Please take a look and read.  If you like it.  Share.  I would appreciate it.  Follow and subscribe and if you want… follow and subscribe me on Wattpad too.

Disclaimer:  This story is gay.  Well there  are characters who are gay in it.  Just saying.  Also, it’s gonna be cheesy and maybe even melodramatic because it’s inspired by something that I love that is melodramatic and cheesy: Korean dramas.  Enjoy!

So let’s see what I’m working on!


Synopsis:  Song Teng, the son of a common man, is now the son of a rich Korean family. Adopted into the Soh family after the death of his parents, most would think Song Teng led a comfortable life. However, marred by the fatal accident where his childhood friend also died – Song Teng couldn’t escape the shadow of those who left him early. The resentment and gossip from those around and in the Soh family seemed to have followed him through all the years of his life.

To escape, Song Teng left for Seoul, South Korea – across the Pacific to the other side of the world. However, the people he meets in this new country will force him to come to terms with his past and accept the fate of his future.

Within the first few months, he meets Kwon Jae Yoon, from unfavorable circumstances, and Lee Seo Joon, a man from his past. As their paths continue to cross, the emotions begins to run high as each is forced to confront their feelings and thoughts about each other.

The moments Song Teng meets Ha Ji Hye, a young woman unsure of what to do with her future and Kim Yong, a young man studying to be an architect, his life begins to weave a new chaotic pattern with both persons carrying brutal secrets with the abilities to further scar or end the three’s lives.

Read it here!


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